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Heavy Duty Magnet Hooks From TotalElement

Magnetic hooks are one of the easiest and simplest ways to hang items. Easy to install and take down quickly without leaving behind sticky residue or drilling holes, magnetic hooks offer many uses ranging from kitchens and bathrooms, garages, offices gym lockers even cruise ships! From towels hats and coats magnetic hooks can hold just about everything that needs hanging up!

But magnetic hooks differ significantly from traditional hangers in terms of how they’re constructed: Regular hangers feature hooks that attach directly to surfaces like walls or doors, but magnetic ones feature an inbuilt magnet made from rare earth metal like neodymium that has much greater pulling strength – in some cases up to 100 lbs! However, this shouldn’t be taken lightly when considering using a magnetic hook as part of a heavy-duty project.

TotalElement’s pack of six magnetic hooks boast 50 lb neodymium magnets in brushed nickel finish for optimal results, the strongest rare earth metal available. They’re an effective way to hang items around your home, office, or storage area such as kitchen utensils, tools, bags clothes keys towels etc – even steel surfaces like doors cabinets and filing cabinets! The powerful magnetic force also works well against doors cabinets filing cabinets etc!

Heavy duty Magnetic hooks are simple and quick to assemble with all necessary hardware included, making installation on virtually any steel surface quick and straightforward. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, but use with caution as powerful magnets may pinch fingers if touched incorrectly – also not recommended for children or individuals with pacemakers or similar surgical implants.

These strong neodymium magnets are protected by a layer of rubber to avoid scratching or marring surfaces they are attached to, and feature an anti-slip mechanism which ensures your belongings won’t fall off or move around during use. They can even support more weight than their name michaelscomfortconditioning.com Ideal for kitchen, office, garage shed and any steel surface as well as keys jacket bags etc – ideal for camping trips and when additional storage space is needed! They make a perfect choice both residentially and commercially!